Winter Nap

I'll be honest -- lately I've been a lazy homesteader, and a lazier blogger.  On top of winter being slow (the bees are hibernating, there's nothing to grow, and it's too cold to raise chicks outside), there's been a lot going on for me and Ryan in the real world.  I started a full-time job at PBS in December and it's been a real transition for me to be at an office everyday.  Having been a freelancer for over 5 years and cherishing the flexibility that gave me, it was not an easy decision to give that up.  But the job was an amazing opportunity that I couldn't pass up.

Plus we've been traveling to see our respective families out of state for the holidays, so we really haven't had much time at home.  It's the kind of season that makes us both a little resentful of all the obligations that take us away from the things we love.  And makes us resolve to rearrange things to get the balance back.

I'm embarrassed to admit how long it's been since I've inspected the beehives.  But in the thick of the cold, I did tap on the hive to do a survival check and out they came!  Then it warmed up for a couple weeks and they were out and about, some even bringing pollen back.  I just hope they are healthy inside with laying queens.  I also worry a bit about them being honey bound -- this is the opposite of what beekeepers typically worry about in winter as food stores can be a problem.  But I left them with little space and a lot of honey due to how much they had going into the cold weather and how small I started the hives out so I hope they've got space for brood.  From the outside they are looking great, and for that I feel continued to be struck by newbie luck!

Looking to the future... we both long for more time for homesteading, for each other, for travel.  We talk daily about ideas to make that happen.  Farming at a small scale wouldn't cut it and isn't what we want to rely on for income either.  Cutting the cord from real world jobs is TOUGH.  We admire those who have done it and love drooling over the stories of all the full time van-lifers and homesteaders.  So it's time to get creative.  In the meantime I'm going to light this money candle and keep hashing plans to work from my couch.