How did we get here

It started with two chickens named Pam & Pam.  In 2014, the house was bought in east Austin which meant we could have more than two chickens.  It came with a whopping 0.19 acre yard-- more backyard than either of us have ever had, and it was definitely an upgrade for The Pams.  During that first spring at the house we built two raised beds for vegetables that mostly died.

Since then we've gone from two chickens to twelve.  In between we acquired a 1987 Volkswagen van, innovatively named Pam (Pamagon the Vanagon).  In April of 2015 we added 20,000 honeybees to the yard.  And then two ducks, for good measure.  Some fruit trees and more vegetables were planted, all of which have been dying less and less.

We're project people with a love of self-sufficiency and a goal to make our food supply chain shorter and richer.  And Camp Farm is a place for us to share our urban homesteading efforts, and maybe inspire you to make something in your own space, however big or small.

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